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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga implies connection with the self along with integration of senses to a common goal. At Shanku Natural Health Centre, we attach huge importance to practical discipline with the help of varied Asanas, the technique of Pranayama, multiple Kriyas and transcendental Meditation.

With a blend of the varied Yoga disciplines, we help in creating an awareness of various physical and psychological processes while also implementing a plethora of purification processes for eliminating any obstacles in the path to holistic health along with a fresh mind space.

What’s more, we instill discipline and harmony in lifestyle, which is currently affected by the tumultuous urban world, lazy physical schedules, and a binge-eating materialistic attitude.


1. Flexibility

  • With meditation, we help you gain control and balance of mind and body by relaxing all senses in a tranquil state.

2. Energy

  • By helping you imbue positive energy through meditation and letting you make the most of the clearheaded state.

3. Vibrance

  • By resorting to different Asanas and other yogic positions, one can gain control on body suppleness and make oneself more productive than one used to be.

4. Awareness

  • Awareness of the body is one of the most important tenets of mindfulness while also extending the experience to the more subtle elements of our existence.

5. Relaxation and Calmness

  • With a deeper awareness of the body and mind, one would surely experience a grounding effect, slowness of emotions and a definite emotional buoyancy with mental clarity and calmness.